Next up – reservation for celeb lookalikes

In a major policy turnaround, the Indian government today indicated that it could seriously consider a proposal to offer 3 percent reservation to celeb lookalikes provided enough consensus emerges on the issue.

Speaking exclusively to Humor Unplugged union law minister Salman Khurshid stated that the Indian government will not object to the proposal provided it gets enough support from the civil society. “Yes, we can consider the proposal favourably; but, we need to garner support from different constituents of the civil society and arrive at a consensus on the issue without involving Twitter,” Khurshid said.  

V V S Laxman lookalike posing for a pic in
an Aussie publication
The demand for reservation for celeb lookalikes had arisen after Humor Unplugged published a story about a lookalike of star Indian Batsman V V S Laxman getting a job as a model for articles appearing in a publication called Australian IT down under. The story caused a minor outrage (covered by two regional news channels in Tripura) in the country with three former rioters starting an online petition campaign to ask the government to do more to help the celeb lookalikes.


Chintan Gupta said…
Who do I look alike? Wait, they have a FB app for that. :D Let me try.

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