Ajmal ‘brainwashed’ Kasab is Tourism ministry’s new brand ambassador

India’s tourism ministry has decided to appoint terrorist Ajmal Kasab as a brand ambassador for its new ‘Welcome to India’ campaign.

According to information published on its microsite, India’s tourism ministry will be using the services of LeT terrorist Ajmal Kasab for a new campaign. The leading international terrorist and pride of Pakistan will star in a series of online ads and roadshows aimed at positioning India as a favorable destination for all types of tourists. The campaign themed 'Welcome to India' has been conceptualized by a top advertising agency and will be launched in November to target the end of year visitors.

Truly incredible
“Kasab is the ideal brand ambassador for us. Inspite of being a ISI certified LeT terrorist we are treating him much better than our politicians. So imagine how we will be treating our tourists? That is the message we intend to convey. In fact even if you want to visit this country for terror purposes, you are more than welcome and we will soon be launching customized packages for such terrorists,” a spokesperson for the ministry said while confirming what we read on the microsite.

Home Minister P Chiduji, according to sources, has promised to release Kasab for the shoot. Kasab's lawyer Chavvani Lal who is staying in the same cell as the famous terrorist meanwhile praised the move and offered to partake in the campaign himself.

In addition to Kasab, the ministry is also considering a proposal to showcase intruding Chinese soldiers as ‘tourists’ rather than intruders. “Yes that is again something we have thought over. In fact I was planning to move a file on the proposal yesterday before my paid afternoon siesta. The big idea is that no one can stay away from India for long. You visit once – you keep coming back and that is what the Chinese soldiers are doing all the time. I wont call them intruders as they are our guests,” the bureaucrat said.  


bhupendra said…
Haha :) nice read, shame on us and on our vote minded communal politicians, he will soon change his name to Ksahab :) Just 4 days back Friday Saudi arabia executed eight Bangladeshi migrant workers for the alleged murder of an Egyptian man, our jails are providing biryani in jail while poor Indians are dying of malnutrition..
Thanks Bhupendra...I completely agree...I agree the system takes its time...but two years to close and open and shut case is too much...
The govt has taken too long to punish this terrorist. It's time for action!! Nice article to spread awareness.
leoPaw said…
OMG!!!! truly incredible.
Saru Singhal said…
Good one dear, we can earn money which we shelled on him...lol...Finally put to any use!
Thanks Kiran it does look like Kasab will outlive all of us...:(
:) Hey Saru long time :) yea i know wish there was a of recovering the money....not that it helps..caus it is a choice between Raja and Kasab...
Hey LeoPaw :) thanks BTW nice name yaa :)
Tia said…
the biriyaani tourism is promoted by him....now all terrorists will come to india coz of our superb biriyaani...n tht also free!!!
:D:D hahah yea doo...well said ;) biriyani tourism ;)

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