Jobless J&K assembly wants Poke Kitty back

The Jammu and Kashmir assembly is definitely jobless. After debating clemency for terrorist Afzal Guru, state legislators are now planning to have a passionate debate on clemency for cartoon character Poke Kitty.

At the time of going to press, the Jammu and Kashmir assembly was discussing a motion seeking pardon for Guru. After this debate, the assembly plans to take up another motion moved by legislator seeking pardon for notorious cartoon character Poke Kitty. It may be remembered that Poke Kitty, part of the Pokémon cartoon serial will be axed from the series in the next season. Poke Kitty has been accused of being a bad influence on children, thanks to his mischievous activities.

The makers of Pokémon have already made up their mind but the Jammu and Kashmir assembly is hopeful of making them reverse this decision and let Poke Kitty continue appearing in future episodes of Pokémon. “This is indeed a matter of grave concern for all J&K legislators as we love Poke Kitty. On so many occasions I have bunked sessions to watch him in action and I can never imagine Pokémon without him. Riots will break out if Poke Kitty is axed from Pokémon,” said Engineer Rashid, member of J&K assembly.

Poke Kitty
Once the J&K assembly approves the motion, the state CM will request Indian government to urge its Japanese counterpart to use its good offices to persuade Pokémon makers to include Poke Kitty in future episodes.

When Humor Unplugged told Rashid about how the assembly was wasting time and public money, he got angry and threatened to discuss a motion against our blog on the floor of the J&K house. “We are elected reps and we have a responsibility towards our electorate and I can never afford to take my election lightly. The J&K assembly has always debated serious issues. I would like to draw your attention to past debates such as fatwa on monkey man, title change for Spiderman-III etc, so don’t say we don’t care till you get your facts right, Mr Humor Unplugged. Else we will get a breach of privillge motion passed against your blog after a 45-hour debate,” Rashid said.


Mishi said…
hahahahahaha...Well I wish I could get a kitty just like this one...parcel me one bloggy;p
Mishi said…
Just send her to me and I will make sure no one touches her!

inn ki tou aise ki tesi;p
:) I wish i could gift u one Mishu :) I really wish...:)
Saru Singhal said…
How dare they threatened HU? Wait, I will call my sources in White House, they have to offer an apology to HU. And, please gimme kitty...:)
hahah :D Saruuuuu :) thanks for the support yaa..didnt know you had connections in white house :))...mishi has also asked for the kitty :))
Mishi said…
so should I consider it a NO from you then? you aint gifting me that na:-(
:) arrey bura man gayee :(( mein toh mazak kar raha tha :)) i will keep poke kitty drop in to Bangalore and collect it whenever u can.. nahhii toh I will send it with SRK when he comes to Lahore to promote :)
Mishi said…
lolz...dheko uger ub nai bhijwaie na tou I will be all Heart-Broken! you have promised ME now! it should be kitten now if not POke Kitty...nai tou I will tag you as WADA-KHILAF !
:D :) aayiieee poke kitty coming up :)))))
Tia said…
:D :D hahhaha gud one...reminds me of some jobless folks in previous place if u know at i mean poof ;)
I doo remember dooo i do remember ;)

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