Simi Garewal's wax statue appears at Madame Tussauds

Absolute pandemonium broke loose at Madame Tussauds in London today morning when a statue of Indian blabber aunty Simi Garewal appeared out of nowhere right in the middle of the famous wax museum. Stunned onlookers and curious bystanders stood speechless as the alleged wax statue which bore a striking resemblance to the Botox goddess suddenly materialized and vanished into thin air.

“It was right there next to that statue of Jennifer Lopez over there. I saw that statue and it was not there earlier some minutes ago. I immediately rushed to call authorities and before we could reach the spot, the statue had disappeared. We immediately launched a search operation but could not trace the statue,” a visitor who had witnessed the whole event said. His version was confirmed by many eye witnesses at the scene who were equally scared and confused.

Museum authorities declined to comment on the incident stating the matter was under investigation. When Humor Unplugged contacted Simi Garewal, she gave us her take on the episode. “Yes, the whole thing is a huge misunderstanding. I am the so called statue that the witnesses saw. I was visiting Tussauds and admiring one of the wax works there. I stood absolutely still for a while but had to rush back to my hotel as I had an appointment. So while everyone saw me as a statue, no one saw me rushing back. So that’s pretty much it,” Simi said while applying Botox to a new set of dentures.

However, someone else gave us a different version of the event. “That’s an old trick that Simi adopts. You see she keeps chasing celebs who don’t want to appear on her show or who go abroad just to avoid her. One of her tricks is to act as a statue in Tussauds and wait till the hapless celeb, who might be in UK at that moment to avoid Simi, comes nearby to inspect it. You see that place is a major tourist attraction and the last place where one might expect to see Simi. She then pounces on the unsuspecting celeb and drags him or her to her show. Why do you think many of these celebs cry on her show? They are all upset that they fell into her trap and besides, Simi even threatens them that if they don’t act sentimental she will extend the shoot and increase the intensity of those noxious algal fumes she uses to keep her skin human,” Simi’s sister HuJI Garewal said.

The Indian government has meanwhile dispatched Kapil Sibal to investigate the event. Humor Unplugged has managed to procure an image of the wax statue that appeared at the museum. What do you guys say? Is this the real one or the wax one :)

The exclusive pic 


Krishnan Bala said…
Whether it was a wax statue or not it is irrefutable that it was a sex statue though a little frayed at the ends because of ageing !
Sairam said…
Boy! Do you hate her or what. Second post in a week.
But this was good.:)
@ KB :) watch out for those fumes buddy ;)
Hey Sai ;)

Love em or hate em but cannot ignore em atleast till they get a slot on a national TV :((
Red Handed said…
Botox for her new set of denture....noxious fumes to keep her skin human. Looooool

this was EPIC!
:D thanks RH :) glad you enjoyed it :) Simi is quite inspiring you see :)

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