Sibal tries to bring John and Bipasha together

The unusually busy and public welfare focussed UPA government has intervened strongly to bring forth a truce between feuding actors Bipasha Basu and John Abraham. Sources in UPA have told Humor Unplugged that the decision to this effect was taken at a meeting held at the residence of finance minister Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday. The empowered Group of Ministers decided to dispatch union HRD minister Kapil Sibal to talk to the actors and get them to be a pair again.  

Kapil Sibal reached Mumbai around at around 9 am the next day and got busy right away. He met both John and Bipasha separately and had a joint meeting with them later in the evening. Our source who was present at the meeting said “Both Bips and John were very angry with each other. While John accused Bips of turning into a desi Hulk Hogan, Bips alleged that John was showcasing his innerwear more than his acting skills in his movies. The two nearly came to blows sometime later. But Kapil Sibal told the guys the whole process was undemocratic and asked them to come to the negotiation table to discuss and sort out all issues”. Towards the end of the meeting, Sibal came out with three draft versions of the truce agreement. There was a John version, a Bips version and a Amar Singh 'over the phone' version.  

So why is UPA interested in intervening in what is clearly a domestic issue? Wise analysts and government observers feel the government is clearly testing its negotiation skills to be prepared for future conflict with civil society, after it was caught completely off guard by Baba Ramdev. Since the whole Baba Ramdev episode ended up with the government getting plenty of bad press, Kapil Sibal has been a very busy man. “He has been travelling everywhere from Kashmir to Mauritius. UPA top brass has instructed him to intervene in fights of all sizes and try and bring the warring factions together by all means,” an analyst said.

Meanwhile all that running around has created plenty of unanticipated problems for Sibal on the domestic front. Few weeks back, his wife Gangu Sibal tried to use the HRD minister’s negotiation skills to coax the maid to work for longer hours. While everything seemed hunky dory in the beginning, the maid lost her cool when Kapil started using words like unconstitutional, unparliamentary, undemocratic and divisionary too often in the discussion. Grabbing a nearby vase, the lady thrashed the helpless union minister and Sibal had to be rushed to AIIMS. He was thrown out after some docs administered first aid however.

Some Mullahs in Pakistan protesting against the Bips-John split

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