How big is Mukesh Ambani's qila - Antilla?

After Ratan Tata criticised him for living in opulence, Reliance tsar Mukesh Ambani unleashed a PR blitzkrieg to counter the criticism. He invited a select group of journalists from various publications for tea at his house and Humor Unplugged’s Mumbai correspondent somehow made it to the list.

Have your ever wondered how big Antilla is? Well wonder no more, we give you the jaw dropping stats on Mukesh’s $2 billion home

Mukesh Ambani’s house is so big that:

* If Dayanidhi Maran was staying in Mukesh Ambani's home he would have had to loot 10 bsnl exchanges
* Mukesh Ambani’s bedroom and living room are connected by a submarine cable...
* Mukesh has to call his wife on her cell and ask..'where exactly are you now' when he wants to meet her
* It has 4 met stations falling in 3 diff climate zones
* There is a communications satellite hanging on top of the topmost floor
* Oxygen masks are available on the last 15 floors
* Nita Ambani stays slim by just climbing a fifth of the total number of floors
* The electricity powered lifts are powered by a 6000 MW power plant
* The aviation turbine fuel powered lifts can be refuelled midair
* On the top 100 floors, the fire exit has parachutes
* You can see Kenya from the rooftop
* If you drop a coin from the top most floor, it vaporises before hitting the ground
* TajSATS Air Catering handles catering for the top 100 floors

Nita Ambani and her gym - Antilla


Sairam said…
But it is not big enough for Ambani's sons to reduce their weight, I guess.
Nice post.

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