Ratan Tata attacks Osama, gets notice from Mukesh Ambani

2G scamster and slave driver Ratan Tata has said he is surprised why fellow crook Osama Bin Laden was put in the opulence of a billion-dollar Pakistani army mansion in Abbotabad.

"It makes me wonder why someone would do that," Tata said in an interview to Humor Unplugged. "The person who lives in there should be concerned about what he sees around him and (ask) can he make a difference," Tata said when asked about Aaina, the Pakistani army mansion where Osama lived and died. “Pakistan army should find ways to put ordinary citizens in mansions rather than putting up wanted terrorists and mischief mongers,” he said.

Coming to his favourite past time slave driving, Ratan Tata said “All Indian companies need to do more to extract more from their employees. We here make sure that our employees are pushed to the limit, forget their family lives and work on a 24X7 basis so that bosses like me can enjoy the fruits of their labour. India is the only nation where we don’t allow employees to work from home and to stop working after working hours. This is because we like to treat them as slaves and if they work from home, our grip on them loosens and we cannot allow that. We need to micro manage and control everything they do, wear and think”.

Ratan Tata also said “Tata group will invest more in finding ways to make employees toil more. We are not interested in anything other than what they deliver. At Tatas, we are all about making employees spend more and more time in office and  not about having a healthy work life balance, freedom to think and have a great family life. If you want all that, join a MNC outside India”.

Ratan Tata had to end the interview abruptly as he got a call from A Raja who wanted to enquire about the remaining 2G bribe that Tata was to pay to DMK.

Mukesh Ambani’s lawyer had pasted a notice outside Ratan Tata’s residence that we saw while we were coming out.


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