More trouble for Shera, ex accuses him of causing mental harrasment

Zita with a unnamed friend
Shera, the former mascot of the Common Wealth Games, 2010 has been accused by his former girlfriend of causing mental agony and pain to her over the last few days. Zita has alleged that Shera was stalking her and trying to come close to her on one pretext or other to disturb her.  

Zita, the mascot of a college football team in the US, and Shera have been seeing each other for the past 4 years. The pair parted ways recently after Shera was caught in a money laundering scandal, first reported by Humor Unplugged.

Sources close to Zita have confirmed the episode and said that she has filed a case against Shera in a Delhi police station and the cops are investigating. “Shera has been texting her non stop over the past two days and threatening to join circus or migrate to China, if Zita doesn’t  agree to meet him soon. He (Shera) turned up outside her room in a drunk state and created a nuisance yesterday evening and we had to call in our henchmen to have him removed from the hotel. I hope he has learnt his lesson and stops chasing Zita around,” Zita’s close friend and publicist Neeka said.

Sources close to Shera however sought to play down the whole incident. “Shera had just gone to see if Zita was doing well. He didn’t know Zita’s relatives would cause such a big hullabaloo over the incident. Shera is a good guy and wouldn't harm a fly, even if needed,” Shera’s unnamed PR manager said.

Zita pleading with

CWG OC chief Suresh Kalmadi flipped his wig when questioned about the incident by Humor Unplugged.“What do you think I am, a ringmaster or something? Why should I be bothered about a measly flea bitten tiger and his girlfriend. I have bigger things to worry and I don’t exactly mean leaky stadium roofs, but slippery middlemen escaping with money meant for us corrupt politicians…,” he said before vanishing into a meeting.


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