Horror of horrors – CWG mascot Shera accused of corruption, resigns

In what has been termed in the blogging circles as the equivalent of a ‘page not found’ error, Commonwealth Games mascot Shera has been linked to a money laundering scam that surfaced in the UK a day back. In wake of the allegations, a distraught Shera tendered his resignation yesterday evening, moving the already fledgling games towards more anarchy.

A dejected tiger was
hiding behind that
hen the day began, no one could have predicted the sequence of events that followed. At the news pit at Humor Unplugged, correspondents were preparing for a normal CWG day, filled with corruption, nepotism, leaky stadiums and 23 percent free commission. However as soon as news reports started trickling in about Shera’s unauthorized transgression it became clear that CWG’s  last citadel untouched by the plague of corruption had fallen.  

Shera, according to a report published in a major newspaper, has been named by the UK police in a money laundering scam in UK. Shera is alleged to have spent over 1,00,000 pounds in a drinking binge over the last few days in London. Sources close to Shera say that he was quite disturbed by the corruption charges surrounding the Common Wealth Games. He had started drinking since then and had flown to London to escape unwarranted media glare. However, he was unable to let go of his love for booze and ended up squandering public money for it. When confronted by UK authorities, Shera was unable to provide reference to a ‘proper’ source of income.

Shera giving head massage
to a pleased Delhi
CM (file pic)
The Common Wealth Games Organizing Committee swung into damage control mode immediately for the 46th time this week and called Shera back for ‘deliberations’. When an inquisitive media mob surrounded him at T3 in IGI, Shera read out a statement prepared by his PR team. “I agree that I have been transgressing my brief and have brought shame and disgrace to CWG and so my continued association with the games would be inappropriate and unsuitable. I have therefore decided to tender my resignation to the Organizing Committee. I will not take any more questions”. He was then whisked away in a waiting car to the house of MP Suresh Kalmadi.

According to our sources, the organizing committee of the games is putting pressure on Shera to withdraw his resignation at the earliest. This is because there is very little time to go before the games start and to get another mascot now would be next to impossible.

Shera in happier times with Suresh Kalmadi and rest of the Common Wealth Games Organizing Committee members

Friendship gone sour? Siddu has denied the existence of this picture after the controversy hit the wires.


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