Home minister Chidambaram wants extended mandate to fight stray dogs

National Association of Stray Canines (NASTY) has condemned the recent attack on its members in Bangalore. The attack that happened recently grabbed headlines when it was initially classified as an attack on spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravishankar.  A subsequent inquiry however found that it was not an attack on Sri Sri, but a cold blooded assault on a few stray dogs who had managed to stray near the farm of a trigger happy farmer, who retaliated by firing a few rounds at the hapless canines.

NASTY spokesperson and power mom Menaka Gandhi while condemning the incident said “this is indeed unfortunate.  Some person who was out of his senses attacked a few of our comrades a few days back. We condemn the incident in the strongest possible terms and urge the government to give exemplary punishment to the perpetrator. The safety of stray dogs is becoming a source of worry for many of us. Cities are becoming increasingly unsafe for strays with a canine being attacked every 10 minutes. If this continues, we will take law in our own hands and then government will have to answer some tough questions”.

Threatening retaliation against the government for alleged security lapses, Menaka Gandhi said “this time we won’t stop at mild measures such as enforcing wardrobe malfunction on politicians by tearing their pajamas to bits. We will instead use every possible means to ensure safety of our comrades. The government should provide adequate safety to all citizens and canines alike, without discrimination”.   

Home Minister P Chidambaram, when asked about the development, told India’s favorite blog Humor Unplugged that he has asked for an ‘enhanced mandate’ to deal with the increasing scourge of stray canines. “Last week alone three politicians had to undergo forced wardrobe malfunction thanks to these stray delinquents. I will be meeting the PM this week to update him on the sequence of events and ask for a greater mandate to take on these canines, who have strayed from the path of law and harmony,” Chidambaram said. 

Meanwhile a US canine rights watchdog has placed India under category 4 – which includes countries which are most unsafe for canines. “India has to do a lot more to ensure the safety of canines,” a release issued by the organization said.


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