Straydogs and fuel supply

The National Straydogs Association has protested the alleged “high profile abductions” carried out by humans over the last 24 hours in various parts of Bangalore. The organization has condemned the behavior of the government and threatened to go into an indefinite strike, if the state government fails to release the leaders of the association over the next 10 hours.

NSA head Him-mesh Race-Mia has asked his cadres to get ready for the long haul. “We must remember that we are up against oppression, tyranny and totalitarian autocracy directed against out canine compatriots. We will not give in and neither will we surrender in front of these human tormentors”, he said.

The NSA has alleged that key members of its Bangalore chapter are disappearing and are allegedly being abducted by the local authorities. According to NSA spokesperson Fakenaka Gandhi, the government was on a war path with the stray dogs due to an incident that happened a few days ago. Apparently, a minister in the government was attacked by stray canines in one of the dark by lanes of the city in the dead of the night. A minor wardrobe malfunction followed and the goons ran away with the pyjamma of the minister as a trophy.

The minister is still recovering from shock and is currently not in a position to identify his assailants. The state government had set up a task force to protect all its ministers from such attacks and directed the chief secretary to formulate an action plan to curb the stray dog menace. The current spate of attacks against stray dogs seems to be a direct fallout of this attack. The government has meanwhile said that the action against stray dogs will continue till the assailants are brought to justice and the pyjamma restored to its owner. The minister has apparently sworn not to wear any pyjammas till the stolen one is returned to him.

Fakenaka Gandhi, meanwhile has urged the government to come to the negotiation table. “We are conducting an internal inquiry to identify the culprits responsible for this cowardly attack and urge the government to provide all possible details,” she said. NSA has also given an ultimatum to the government that if the talks don’t start, the strike will commence in the next 10 hours. Some of the canines are reported to have taken up vantage positions near prominent petrol bunks around the city to ambush and chase away people looking to fill up their tanks. This move according to strategists is designed to bring the government under pressure.


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