Mousehunt on to nab culprit(s) behind the Nitish Kumar bite episode

Bihar police have launched a massive mousehunt to trace the vagabond mouse that bit the state CM Nitish Kumar on Sunday. Crack teams from the state CID and intelligence wings have fanned out across Bihar and the state has sealed its borders to prevent the culprit from escaping into neighboring states.

“Yes, we have send teams to apprehend the notorious criminal behind this heinous act. This mouse has attacked one of the highest office bearers in the state and has therefore challenged the very foundation of democracy in Bihar and we will not leave him\her. We have already rounded up a few suspects and are chasing a couple of leads. Don’t be surprised if we apprehend the perpetrator soon,” ACP Chubby Lal told Humor Unplugged over a gtalk chat.

The Intelligence Bureau has meanwhile claimed that it had issued a specific warning to the Bihar government on a possible bite attempt on the state CM. The state government, according to sources, was warned that a group of mice affiliated to Al Qaeeda had infiltrated the state from Nepal. 

Pakistan denies link
Pakistan has denied any connection with the recent incident of a mouse biting Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. A statement released by Pakistani embassy in New Delhi says “Pakistani government has no knowledge of the incident but, will extend all possible cooperation to help India bring the perpetrator(s) to justice”. 

Air India plane diverted…
India’s number one blog Humor Unplugged has learnt that an Islamabad bound Air India plane was detained at Patna airport on Monday night following reports that certain suspicious mice were onboard. The plane was taxied to an abandoned runway and the suspected mice were deplaned and taken to a nearby police station for questioning.

A pic of the suspect with friends after the attack (Pic courtesy: Bihar Police)


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