Pakistan’s space program attains major milestone

Ever since its last brush with moon (link), Pakistan’s space program has grown by leaps and bounds. The world’s most terror friendly nation has made its first successful test flight right here on planet earth. In an experiment conducted on Staurday afternoon, Pakistan was able to lift the subject (Pakistan’s national animal) nearly 10 feet in the air.

Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) conducted at the Chaklala air base was witnessed by many SUPARCO fans. Raza Hussain, Chairman of SUPARCO was all smiles as the test results came in. “All flight parameters were satisfactory and this was indeed a textbook launch. This means we are right on track to send a terrorist up there to the moon. We now have the confidence of a 1000 hyenas and are sure that a terrorist from Pakistan will be sitting on Moonian surface soon,” Raza said.

This blogger was able to source a picture of Pakistan’s experiment and the same is being presented here for readers. Raza called the experiment "a huge success" and has congratulated all scientists associated with the project.

The pic:


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