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Co-WIN vaccinator app OTP can now be collected from select SBI branches

To facilitate the speeding up of vaccination drive in India, the government today announced that it has allowed Co-WIN app OTP collection from specified branches of public sector lender State Bank of India. This facility will soon be expanded to other public sector banks.

Co-WIN app which stands for “Co-developed by Windowless Prison Inmates" was developed by a bunch of Sherwada jail prison inmates on death row. The app was meant to help users experience the torture and torment the developers underwent inside the prison. It does seem like the app has succeeded in doing so, going by the reviews on Google Play and the difficulty people are facing in getting an OTP and registering themselves to get vaccinated through the app.  

“From tomorrow, you can collect the OTP in person from a few branches of the SBI. We have been facing many complaints of people not receiving an OTP on their mobile phones. We have therefore decided to help them. From tomorrow, you can follow a very simple process to get your OTP,” said  Apparatchik Kumar, head of Co-WIN app development and adoption at Nutty Ayog.

The new and simplified process for getting an OTP is as follows:

  • Fill up a 30-page form and attach a letter indicating why you need the OTP
  • Take that form to your nearest Aadhar office and get it attested in the presence of at least 50 people
  • Take that filled form to your nearest PHC and get a doctor to sign off on it 
  • Get this form attested by a Class 1 gazetted officer of GoI
  • Take this form to the specified branch of SBI and get them to accept it during lunch hours
  • Once they accept it, walk into another SBI branch nearby and collect your OTP in person. The OTP will be valid only for 7 seconds
  • In case the OTP expires, notify your nearest Aadhar center using form 87 filled in triplicate and repeat the above process

Disclaimer: this is a pure work of satire and you are advised not to take the content seriously. In case you are facing any challenge in registering yourself through the Co-Win app, please visit and get yourself and your loved ones registered for vaccination today.