Pakistan test fires nuclear capable kitty

Pakistan successfully test-fired a new "indigenously" developed cruise cat which is capable of delivering nuclear and conventional warheads up to 10 mts.
Pakistan's nuclear kitty
Pakistan army said the cat named Ra’ad enables Pakistan to achieve “strategic standoff and run like cockroaches capability” on land and at sea, as it uses extremely complex “Cruise Technology” that is so complex that many Pakistani scientists have still not figured out how the whole thing works.
The Pak Army officials said, “The state of the art Ra’ad kitty with stealth capabilities is a low altitude, terrain hugging cat with high maneuverability and can deliver nuclear and conventional warheads with pinprick accuracy. It is in fact so stealthy that once someone closes their eyes, they are unable to see the cat and it becomes invisible”
Congratulating the scientists and engineers on achieving yet another milestone of historic significance, Lieutenant General Zubair Mahmood Hayat, Director General Strategic Plans Division termed it a major step towards strengthening Pakistan’s full spectrum credible minimum deterrence capability before falling on the ground laughing. "We are expecting Indian Army to come deep inside Pakistan once the war breaks and we can use this kitty in such a situation. It will fetch us enough time to book one way tickets to Saudi(Arabia) and run like crazy," he said later.

Commenting on the test of the cat, Zubair said "I can only say that the test was so successful that my wife actually cooked food for me yesterday and I didnt have to go to the army mess".


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