Pakistan had denied its involvement in the Harvard threat mail episode

Recently, hundreds of students and other people affiliated with Harvard University got a threatening email followed by a second message with an apology that apparently came from the same email account. Seems like the whole incident was a prank but the Pakistan government chose to take it seriously and as per established protocol, issued a firm denial on the involvement of Pakistani terrorists in the episode.

Pakistani terrorists 
“We landed with an Ostrich’s egg on our face this time. We have an established denial protocol. We have to deny involvement of Pakistani terrorists within 8 hours of a major terror incident. The facts can be checked later and even if evidence emerges to the contrary, we continue denying till the incident dies down. In this case, we issued a standard denial but the whole thing turned out to be a hoax and we looked like a bunch of Bilawal Bhuttos,” a source in the Pakistani foreign ministry said.

“We condemn this barbaric instance of terrorism. As everyone knows, Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism since ages and despite fostering terrorism as an state instrument, we have been at receiving end of all types of terrorism and this is not fair. We also take this opportunity to deny the involvement of Pakistan-based terrorists in this incident. We promise to offer all forms of cooperation to US in dealing with the fallout of this incident. Pakistani terrorists do not believe in threatening and more often than not, they simply attack. So our boys are not behind this threat,” a statement issued earlier by Pakistan PM’s office said while condemning the Harvard terror threat.

This statement was retracted by Pakistan PM’s office earlier today.  

According to government figures, Pakistan is today sponsoring terrorists who are operating in over 45 countries.


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