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Pickpocket sentenced to listen to 40 hours of IPL Hindi commentary

In a unique first, a high altitude court in Silichar sentenced a pickpocket to watch over 40 hours of non-stop IPL coverage in Hindi. The order passed on Friday was widely welcomed by broad sections of the society while human rights groups expressed concern over the development of a precedent.

While handing over the judgement, the judge said “you have committed a cardinal sin, one that is reserved for politicians and similar lowlife. Picking the pocket of a middle class salaried employee is a crime of the worst order and you will be punished accordingly and I will spare no mercy in this regard”.

The pickpocket is said to have fainted when he heard the judgement. His lawyer while pleading for display of leniency, she said that her client is ready to listen to Ravi Shastri for 40 hours but will not be able to survive Hindi IPL commentary. The judge put on his earphones and pretended to listen to rock while she was pleading.