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PM Manmohan Singh wrote a page for The Accidental Prime Minister

Many of you dont know that PM Manmohan Singh had written a page for Sanjay Baru's The Accidental Prime Minister. The former PMO bottom dweller confessed this in a google talk chat with our correspondent. Baru even shared a snapshot of Manmohan Singh's contribution. This is how it looks...

Indian Gas Marketing agency develops a time machine

A Bangalore based gas distribution company affiliated with Indian Oil Corporation subsidiary Indane has claimed that it has invented a time machine to deliver cylinders in the past. An announcement to this effect was made in the city by Indane's Chief Incompetence Officer Dayal Goli today.

Goli claimed that the machine built with commissions usurped by the agency via various black marketing and customer harassment initiatives by Shri Giridhar Agencies located on Residency Road can deliver cylinders to over 300 time zones in the past. "One can call us, pay a call charge of 3 crore rupees followed by commission charges of only 1.2 crores and we will deliver a cylinder to your ancestors. We will also return with a signed document to confirm delivery. We are the first agency in the world to do this and we are so excited that I was able to move an inch from my chair within 4 hours of entering my office yesterday," Goli said.

When told that it could be the other way round tha…