Elections 2014: BJP to launch a no frills subsidiary

Taking a leaf out of the Indian aviation industry, 2014 elections front runner BJP has decided to launch a new party to take on the Aam Aadmi Party. The party, to be called Average Aadmi Party (AVAP), will be a wholly subsidiary of the party and will contest Aam Aadmi Party in tier-two and three towns across the country.

Sources in the BJP while confirming the move, pointed out that the new party will help BJP focus on its core constituency in urban areas.  “AVAP will be a completely different party and will have its own set of leaders, vote base and hierarchy. It will be a no-frills variant of BJP and tasked with gaining voteshare in areas where BJP is currently weak or does not have a presence. We haven’t decided on the first set of leaders to head the party yet but you can expect an announcement on that soon,” a senior BJP leader said.

AVAP, sources say, will be free to offer subsidies, indulge in agitations and high voltage drama across its constituencies. BJP it seems has been inspired by the plethora of no-frills carriers that have managed to corner a huge slice of the Indian aviation market in recent years.

“A new party will not come with any baggage and will be free to make course corrections on the fly while bringing in more aggression. AVAP will operate on a lower advertising and publicity budget and look at innovative ways to garner mindshare of the voter and fire up media imagination,” the senior leader added. 


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