Times Now’s Arnab Goswami launches the Agitated Anchor Party

In his continuing fight against sanity, Times Now’s editor in chief Arnab Goswami fired the latest salvo by launching a brand new political outfit.

The party christened Agitated Anchor Party was launched at a grand function attended by various anchors from across the country. Some of them even came to blows towards the end though. Arnab claimed that his party will deliver more drama, agitation and action than Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party.

“Our party would focus on coming to power for not more than two hours in each state during prime time. During our stint we will challenge the opposition to indulge in animated debates on various issues and once we have got enough TRPs, we will resign and move on to another state. We hope to have finished one round of reign in each Indian state by 2022,” Arnab said.    

Arnab also said that like Kejriwal used to run to Ram Leela Maidan everytime he wanted to protest, his partymen would converge at the Times Now studio to protest and agitate. The party’s symbol would be a poking pen pointed towards the person seeing it. The party has started a collections drive and more funds would be mobilised by charging politicians who appear in various debates on news channels.

“This is a much needed platform for us anchors. Earlier we used to fight against each other and now we will be able to fight against others,” said Rajdeep Sardesai.

“We are together”
Blaming "two penny bloggers" for spreading rumors about problems in his marital life, Arnab Goswami claimed that he and his wife Pipi were more than happily married. “I infact bought her a new rolling pin to thrash me this valentine day. She infact used it that very day on me and I was admitted to my usual hospital with a slipped disk. If this isn’t true love, then what is? You tell me. The nation demands to know,” Goswami said.


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