Pepper spray use in Indian parliament spices things up

The Lok Sabha turned into a battlefield today with senior MPs scuffling as home minister Sushilkumar Shinde introduced the Telangana bill around noon.Things turned really ugly when a dignified MP used pepper spray on the floor of the house.

The following sentences culled from tweets by our reporter @blogus_maximus capture the bedlam. Over to @blogus_maximus

  • Thank god Aamir khan was not in parliament today else he would have charged INR 1 crore for every tear drop that came out from his eyes 
  • One MP I know was angry because the MP who used the pepper spray was seen flashing its Flipkart product code before spraying generously
  • Thanks to the pepper spray, many MPs behaved like human beings...though it was only momentary
  • Forget right to recall MPs..I want a right to recall memories of seeing such behavior 
  • Doordarshan can start a new channel - Lok Sabha Action on a pay per view basis if incidents like pepper spray in parliament continue
  • Why is everyone criticizing the MP who used pepper spray in parliament? Thanks to him many MPs had tears in their eyes for d first time ever..
  • We will bring a White Pepper on this incident: Government 
  • Pepper spray MP defends behavior says he only wanted to use it on his burger...
  • When asked as to why he used a pepper spray inside Indian parliament, the MP said "women's empowerment is a priority for us"
  • Unruly acts by MPs has put the Indian democracy to shame said Digvijaya Singh before ROTFL 


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