IPL7: BCCI asks Indian Election Commission to defer 2014 elections

The BCCI has asked Election Commission of India to postpone general elections in the country till the end of May as the polls were clashing with dates proposed for the 7th edition of the Indian Premier League.
In an email communication addressed to the Chief Election Commissioner, the PA to BCCI president N Srinivasan, Chaudhuri Baby Lal asked the CEC to direct his office to postpone the polls as “a non-event like elections should not be allowed to interrupt something as important as the Indian Premier League”.

“Your attention is drawn to the fact that the Indian Premier League is more important to India than its elections. Also, the BCCI is today stronger than the Indian government as we have more crooks per square inch of our real estate than the government and we don’t have to answer to clowns such as Kejriwal who keep writing letter for no reason whatsoever. Given this context, India should give adequate and more priority to IPL while elections can be held at leisure later. Besides, with the IPL happening at the same time as elections, thugs in this country will have to make a choice between elections and IPL as they won’t be able to focus on polls ” the email said.

In his letter Baby Lal also offered to sponsor the Indian elections. “We are open to funding the upcoming elections if all poll agents wear a BCCI jersey and the elections are named after BCCI,” the letter added.  


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