`Indian telecom operator launches Manmohan Singh and ‘0’loss packages

A leading pan-India telecom services provider today launched two voice and data packages targeted at those customers who do not talk much or those who talk in a balanced manner.

The Manmohan Singh package launched with much fanfare is for those subscribers who do not make any outgoing calls while receiving calls from all over. Outgoing calls and smses are barred in this package. In the '0 loss' package, if the number of outgoing calls are equal to the number of incoming calls, then the subscriber doesn’t have to pay any additional charge (other than the rental ofcourse).

PM Manmohan Singh and Kapil Sibal

These two packages modeled on our Prime Minister and Communications and Information Technology minister Kapil Sibal, will be available across the nation by mid-January, a company source told Humor Unplugged. “This is our way of paying tributes to the twin stalwarts of UPA,” the source added. 


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