Employee affected by bad appraisal seeks national debate

The appraisal season has brought much gloom and doom in Bangalore. An employee of a bellwether IT firm claims that his employer handed him a bad appraisal. He was so angry with the IT firm that he called for a national debate on his performance and asked the Indian government to convene a special parliament session to discuss his case.

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Eaheinomauwe (not his real name) says “when people can call for a national debate on all sorts of issues, they can also have one on my performance in 2013. My manager says my performance was exceptional and that I had a wonderful future waiting for me. But he also said that I had certain weak areas which  needed work and so to incentivise my efforts, he told me that he was giving me a oki-dokie rating and a less than industry average hike. This is grossly unfair”.

Eaheinomauwe added that he wanted his appraisal to be taken up in the ongoing winter session of parliament and that it would be great if Arnab Goswami could grill his immediate manager and his skip level manager on this issue. He claimed that his manager and most of the senior management of his company could give the Somali pirates a complex when it comes to looting company's money and resources. "I feel a common wallet thief on the street has more integrity than the senior management of my company combined. These people could take coaching classes on corporate corruption and thievery for Satyam's Tiger riding crook Ramalingaraju ," Eaheinomauwe said.

No one from the company was available for comment. When we cornered a couple of HR folks from the company, they slithered away through a small crack in the wall. The son of a founder member of the company (and former chief mentor) who now works as VP (Slime and Grimy Practices) in the company asked the employee to join any other company out there or get himself adopted by a rich father who owns an IT company.  “I don’t have time for employee shenanigans. I am busy tracking the performance of my company scrip on BSE and that’s all I am concerned with right now,” he said.   


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