Archaeological Survey of India sets up dream hotline

Archaeological Survey of India has set up a dream hotline where people can call in with their “gold related dreams” and the agency will send in people to dig and excavate.

The only condition is that the dream must come to a reputed person such as godmen, politicians involved in scams of over 50,000 crores or retired bureaucrats who are now working for companies that they were dealing with while they were in service with the Indian government.

In a special interaction with Humor Unplugged, Archaeological Survey of India director Dr. Syed Jamal Hasan today said that his organisation is dedicated to uncovering buried treasures and would rely solely on dreams by reputed people.

“It is to meet this goal that we have established a hotline where people can dial in and describe their dreams in detail. We will then dispatch a team of archaeologists to the site and commence the excavation process. There are many parameters that we will use to determine the priority such as amount of gold hidden and proximity of the site to a highway," Dr. Syed said.  


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