Aamir Khan's commentary box appearance at Wankedhe - controversial moments

So we all saw Aamir sandwiched between a star struck Ravi Shastri and a giggly Harsha Bhogle. But did we actually hear what he said and see what he did? Now we are aware of the sensitivities here considering the fact that this is batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar’s last match. But need to say what we heard and saw else Humor Unplugged will just be another wannabe blog. So without further ado, we present to you the most controversial moments from Aamir's stint at the commentary box.
  • Aamir brought chocolates for Shastri and autographed atleast 8 books for him; none of which were written by Aamir including Shastri’s food coupon booklet
  • What’s that on your head?? Certainly doesn’t look like hair to me. You shouldn’t be wearing living things on your head: Aamir to Bhogle
  • You need to expand your vocabulary: Aamir to Shastri
  • There are certain inherent imperfections in the game of cricket..which is why I don’t play this game: Aamir
  • Kids are tiny imperfections: Aamir Khan on what Children’s Day means to him  
  • I think the environment conditions for this match are far from perfect. The relative humidity is high, the radon concentration in the ground is above the permissible limit and sunlight seems to be in the wrong radiation range overall, I am disappointed.
    Stop giggling! 
  • Tendulkar looks old and tired. High time he found a younger wife for himself or a 70/70 v/w botox aerosol gel.
  • Excitement is not part of air. Air contains Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon etc. Aamir to Shastri (on his excitement is in the air line)
  • There was one really awkward moment when Ravi Shastri was about to say "this one will go down to the wire" and Aamir snatched his microphone.
  • Why are you giggling so much? Do you think Sachin’s last game is some sort of a joke?? Put a sock in it: Aamir to Harsha Bhogle
  • Gayle is treating the bowlers with scant respect at this point: Bhogle. “Stop the game, I want West Indians treat everyone with respect and till they do it the game should not be allowed to continue. This is unethical and immoral and symbolizes arrogance. I demand a public appology from the entire West Indies team and I will cry after that,” Aamir said
  • Aamir was soon escorted out of the commentary box

Thank you Sachin. This one is for you. 


shubham said…
haha ...loved that.... air one was the best....
one thing that caught my attention was that during the Amir stadium time, commentators never forgot his cricketing career during british "umpire"... so he can say anything given that he was the first captain..."toh bhaiyaa chute lagan"
:) yea well the man does indeed have a high opinion about himself...even his marketing gimmicks are considered as academic pursuits..

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