Yeti was not related to Anil Kapoor: experts

One of the greatest mysteries of the Himalayas may have finally been solved or so claim scientists.

Genetic testing has led scientists to believe that the abominable snowman - the Yeti, actually existed but it was actually a cross between an ancient polar bear and brown bear. Hair samples from what is believed to be that of the Yeti have been found to genetically match that of an ancient polar bear dating back 120,000 years. The study was spearheaded by a team of Oxford scientists. Now this what all of us know but there’s an interesting twist to the story. Read on and find out what we are talking about.

The daily claims the animal in this pic
resembles Anil Kapoor
The report that Oxford University scientists prepared refers to people having terrifying encounters with a large hairy, ape-like creature in the Himalayas. A prominent page three tabloid masquerading as a national daily running time pass programs that aim to promote peace between India and Pakistan picked up this line and claimed that the abominable Yeti was related to Indian actor Anil Kapoor. “The size and hairiness of the animal mentioned directly corresponds to Bollywood actor and Hollywood and blink miss role specialist Anil Kapoor and there are reasons to scientifically assume that the abominable snowman might be related to him,” the daily said.

The daily even claimed to have quoted inside sources within the Oxford team who had apparently confirmed this assumption. However, Oxford University today issued a two page denial claiming that it had not done any tests that would throw light on any link between Anil Kapoor and Yeti and any assumption on this link would be based on hearsay and "not grounded in scientific inquiry”.

Yeti's alleged footprint
Oxford University has denounced the article and asked the alleged newspaper to “derive information from credible sources and not write pieces that reduce the grey cell count among its readers". The daily could not be reached for comment as its editors were busy organizing a beauty pageant(Miss Inner Solar System)  in some lane in New Delhi. 


Rajesh said…
Too good. The blink and miss part is hilarious.

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