PIL filed in Silichar court seeking ban on lifetime achievement awards

A multi-faceted PIL has been filed in the Silichar High Altitude court to prevent agencies from awarding lifetime achievement awards to prominent personalities as that was causing premature demise of important people. The court while admitting the PIL said that prima facie there seems to be some sort of logic to the whole quagmire and wanted to examine the issue in-depth.

The petitioner who wishes to remain anonymous claims that over 70 percent of
important personalities who received Lifetime Achievement Award from a government body or from a non-government agency passed away within two years of receiving it. He also claimed that a study conducted by Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt showed that personalities who do not receive such awards on an average live a decade more when compared to recipients.

“Because of this trend, we have started losing many important people. Infact some have started using these awards as a tool to meet their own nefarious goals and that is bad,” the petitioner stated.
Reason to smile?

It seems a media house that hosts an annual award function for film stars claims that every year it receives the maximum number of bogus nominations in the lifetime achievement category. “The other day an angry lady walked into my office and asked me to nominate her husband for the award. She even threatened to dump a copy of Times of India on my compound every day, if I refused.  Many optimists have nominated journo Barkha Dutt, minister Kapil Sibal and former Pakistani tinpot dictator Pervert Musharaf(sic). So this has to stop somewhere as I know for sure that many of these nominations are filed with a genuine mala fide intent,” a senior editor with the magazine said.  

He also revealed that journos Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai had teamed up last year to nominate Indian mummy Simi Garewal for the award. “She would have won it too but then the nomination was rejected on technical grounds as this award is given only to those who are alive and not mummies,” the editor said. 


Rajesh said…
What is this with Simi Garewal that is a source of constant inspiration to you ? What ever it is, keep going :)))))
:) thanks buddy..she is an inspiration..for sure

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