Google will provide “Jupiter’s escape velocity” to Blackberry

Quoting Rahul Gandhi’s famous lines, chief Eric Schmidt confirms Google’s interest in acquiring the Waterloo-based smartphone maker.

Google had so far not officially declared its intention to acquire a controlling stake in Blackberry. But all that changed late Tuesday night as a Rahul Gandhi inspired Eric Schmidt confirmed that he is now more than eager to pull Blackberry out of the mess that it is in.

“What Blackberry needs is Jupiter’s escape velocity to move away from the quicksand surrounding it and be back in the black. Earlier we were in two minds about putting our money on Blackberry but after hearing Rahul Gandhi, I am now convinced that we need to do this and if we don’t I don’t think anybody will. This is the need of the hour and we will rise to the challenge and uplift Blackberry with the power of Jupiter’s escape velocity,” Schmidt told Humor Unplugged over a Skype chat.


Ramya said…
OMG stay away from inspirational speeches of Mr.RG :P Sherpa you better dont listen to them else for sure it will have a huge impact on Humor Unplugged!!!
Thanks Ramya..:D:D things havent gone so bleak yet ;)

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