Arnab Goswami’s Newshour questions leaked, angry Arnab threatens to migrate

India’s primetime newshound Arnab Goswami was outraged to a BP level of 153/97 when he learnt that the questions he prepared for his evening show were leaked and someone was selling them outside the parliament building. An angry Arnab said that if the perpetrators of the crime were not apprehended, tried and awarded suitable and exemplary punishment, he would migrate to a Latin American country.

The leak was first reported by Arnab’s colleague Papaya Devi who was covering the parliament beat on Wednesday morning. When Lok Sabha was adjourned, Papaya Devi decided to treat herself to some snacks and walked across to a vendor in the parliament premises. As she came close to the vendor, she saw a sign that read “For sale Arnab Goswami’s Times Now questions for tonight”. The worst part was that some parliamentarians including a certain Coal minister were seen queuing up to purchase the questions.

She immediately informed Arnab who drove down to parliament and confronted the vendor who claimed that he was merely a salesman and the real perpetrators of the crime were other folks who were not around. Arnab then called up friends Javed Akthar and Sohail Seth and started grilling the vendor on the spot. Seeing the commotion, cops rushed in and dispersed a crowd that had gathered there. Cops also asked Arnab to move his panel grilling session to any place outside the parliament premises. Lok Sabha speaker Meera Kumar who was passing by in her official car stopped by and greeted everyone with her trademark “baithey baithey, shant ho jayee” and moved on.

Arnab by now was really furious. He tried to fix an appointment with union law minister but was directed towards a section officer in the Law ministry. Seething with anger, Arnab called for a press conference in the evening and said “monsters from the lot that I have not seen since I stopped looking under my bed are today making a mockery of my professional existence. Today I saw with own eyes the very questions that I spend days preparing being sold in advance outside parliament. This is a question of propriety, ethics and ownership. Someone has cheated this nation and its largely law abiding citizens and made a mockery of our value system,”Arnab said.” You forgot to add the nation wants to know,” a heckler screamed.

“If the perpetrator is not identified, tried and punished with due punishment, I will migrate to a Latin American country,” Arnab said seething with anger. He was in fact so angry that his laboured heavy breathing damaged a microphone kept in front of him.   


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