Start-up focused on online clean chits takes off

A Bangalore based start-up that specialises in gathering clean chits online was launched yesterday. The company CC inc. claims to connect seekers of clean chits with those offering them within minutes after an event bearing negative ramifications occurs.

Clean chit as clean as this sheet
“We are offering multiple packages to all kinds of people. If a subscriber opts for a platinum pack, he or she is instantly connected to over 35 reputed clean chit sources who issue a clean chit within minutes on social and traditional media. With the Gold pack one has accesses to 10 sources who are not as reputed whereas with the Silver pack, you get 2 sources from the underworld. The idea is to connect seekers with those offering clean chits so that both can benefit from each other,” said P Puchappa, MD and CEO of CC Inc.

Puchappa said that his start-up was really excited by the business potential offered by clean chits. “If you look at any sphere of life be it politics, entertainment or sports, everyone is t
alking about clean chits. Everyone needs clean chits and we are simply here to make sure that clean chits are issued without any delay by people who are qualified and whose statement carry enough weight for people to be distracted long enough to forget the core issue,” he said.              

Subscribers of CC’s products can long in to a portal when they are in trouble and seek out clean chit givers who will then issue clean chits instantly. The product was in beta phase all this while with folks from across the nation participating in the testing process. An app that will run on Android and iOS devices is also on the anvil.

“Scams take up so much of my time that I am unable to devote any time to clean chits. So when a scam surfaces, I need to call up the party spokesperson and convince him to issue clean chits. While it may seem like these Manish Tewarys of the world issue clean chits every time they breathe, but it is actually not so. To get the high command to issue a clean chit is even more difficult. So I am confident this product will help me in times of trouble,” a reptilian politician said before slithering away.  


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