Sri Lankan Navy to set up special Indian fishermen detention academy

Sri Lankan Navy trained to do only one task – arrest Indian fishermen, has announced that it will set up a state-of-the-art training academy along its West coast. The new academy will impart training to Lankan Navymen on how spotting and arresting Indian fishermen from among terrorists and pirates, sources said.

Lankan Navy operation off Jaffna coast
The Lankan Navy it seems had apprehended a Al Qaeeda linked terrorists on couple of occasions mistaking them for Indian fishermen. As soon as it was discovered that the arrested men were hardcore Al Qaeeda terrorists infiltrating into Lanka and not Indian fishermen, the crew was released after a round of feasts. Lankan Navy intends to avoid such errors in the future through this academy.

“We had arrested many terrorists and pirates thinking they were Indian fishermen and that is positively embarrassing for us. Sri Lankan Navy is committed to and works for only one cause – arresting Indian fishermen. We are not concerned about anything else. Arresting innocent Al Qaeeda terrorists and pirates has dented the image of Lankan Navy in the eyes of ordinary Lankans and this academy seeks to address such mistakes arrests. For example, if there are three trawlers, the Navy should be able to say which one contains Indian fishermen so that the others can be allowed to roam free in our waters or waters near our exclusive economic zone,” said Lankan Navy Commander Vice Admiral Jayanath Colombage.

The academy will start functioning by the end of December this year. Sources say that China’s Bank of International Poking (China Pok) has extended a loan of USD 300 million for establishing the academy. Part of the money will be channeled into setting up a new sprawling campus to house arrested Indian fishermen near Colombo.      


Aersh said…
bravo!! the sarcasm is so sharp.. i hope the navy gets some sense!

when you wrote about the release of al-quaida cuz they were arrested by mistake, i literally rolled off the bed laughing.. excellent criticism.. slap in the face!

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