Pakistan tries to taunt India, fails

Within hours of India successfully landing a C-130J "Super Hercules" tactical airlift aircraft at the rudimentary airstrip in Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO) on Tuesday morning, Pakistan tried to ape India, but failed miserably in the attempt.

IAF landing the majestic C130 in DBO 
As the news of the successful Indian landing spread, Pakistan Air Force got its act together and brought one of its frontline aircraft, a World War II vintage power glider to ‘flex its muscles’ by landing the craft on an unused airstrip near a forward base in Skardu in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The brief was simple – land the plane and showcase the might of Pakistan air force to its Indian counterpart and display strategic parity.

A senior Pakistan air force officer who tried to reason with his superiors by saying that C-130J was an aircraft in a different league and class altogether was posted out of the strategically significant Sargodha air base to a facility near Karachi. PAF was in no mood to entertain a conflicting opinion especially when the pride of Pakistan was at stake.      

PAF bosses decided to fly the aircraft (make is unclear) from Sargodha to the unused airstrip and do a landing by evening. To showcase its logistical prowess, the plane was also loaded with a few goats and a sack of coal. A group of jobless jihadis from the Muridke terror training camp were also driven down to the airbase to serve as enthusiastic crowds cheering PAF.

PAF landing the unknown aircraft in Skardu
The plane took off at about 3:30 pm (PST) and after flying for nearly an hour, made its first attempt to land at 4:43 pm. When the strip was found to be unsuitable for landing, Pakistan army’s Border Action Team comprising of cowardly ambush mongers were deployed to clean the strip and make it more suitable. A task that was finished with urgency in under 10 minutes.

PAF then gave the craft an all clear signal to land. The pilot had also raised a mayday by this time as the hungry goats had started nibbling on his jumpsuit. In his second attempt at landing, the pilot came in slow and tried to land within the strip. However, the attempt failed as the plane toppled, made a few somersaults and came to rest on a patch of land nearby.

As soon as this happened, PAF men seized all cameras from journalists who had assembled near the strip. In ten minutes, PAF chief came on air and declared the landing ‘a complete success’. He went on to say that PAF had displayed its strategic landing capabilities and was ‘more than ready to teach the enemy a lesson if PAF was ever tested in combat operations’.

The condition of the pilot and goats was unknown at the time of going to press. Locals told Humor Unplugged that the goats chased the pilot to a jungle nearby. 


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