Few unknown facts about Rajdeep Sardesai

Rajdeep Sardesai's 'zombie' stare
  • As a kid Rajdeep once washed his hair with a Rin bar. He wanted to turn his hair white as snow
  • He spotted his first grey hair strand when he was in LKG
  • His favourite TV program during his childhood days was ‘Pappu ki news’ a current affairs based show for kids that used to air on DD. 
  • During his school days, his teachers would make him sit in the last bench facing the wall. This was because he had a tendency to stare at the teacher with zombie eyes, scaring the daylights out of his teachers
  • Rajdeep was a good batsman during his college days but he used to give running commentary on his batting while he was still at the crease. This used to irritate fielders 
  • To impress his college sweetheart, young Rajdeep used to hang around outside her hostel window and have a panel discussion each night to analyse the latest political developments – along with the hostel janitor and watchman  
  • Whenever he and his wife go shopping, instead of bargaining with the shopkeeper, Rajdeep simply initiates a panel discussion    
  • He once used so much dye that his college sink (which he used to dye his hair) went from hazel green to white in just two weeks
  • His met his wife Sagarika Ghose while the two were covering a VHP rally in Lucknow.  Rajdeep was the only one who agreed with Ghose’s observation that the ‘orange’ dresses worn by the VHP activists were not going well with the Utrasum Bead necklaces worn by them
  • His critics call him Rajcreep Sorefakeeye as he used to wriggle out of discussions complaining he had a pain in his eye
  • Rajdeep holds the post of editor-in-chief for so many channels that he has now lost count of them. Everyone in the Sardesai household, from the gardener to the nanny, are ‘journalists’. 
  • He was slapped by Simi Garewal once (use Google to learn more)


Sanjay Kumar said…
Excellent yet informative too...Great job done. Congrats! and be blessed always!
Thanks Sanjay...glad you liked it..:)

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