You aren’t poor, if you can afford a clean chit: Indian politicians

Politicians across parties and states agreed that the poverty line should be drawn above the level at which a person can afford a clean chit. An agreement to this effect was reached at an all-party meeting called by some joker at alleged director Mahesh Bhatt’s house today morning.

Speaker Meera Kumar making faces
at the All-Party meet
“Yeap, we agreed over a round of samosa and drinks that anybody who can afford to buy a clean chit for him or others is definitely above poverty line.   The discussion was held in a cordial and peaceful environment with many of us agreeing that each party should have a quota of clean chits to give to prevent its misuse. But then we thought considering the amounts of scams floating around, a quota will not serve any purpose so we decided to continue with our policy of unlimited clean chits,” a senior politician from the ruling congress said.

The parties agreed to continue allowing official spokespersons dole out the first round of clean chits.


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