SBI mulling auctioning Vijay Mallya’s Rajya Sabha seat to recover Kingfisher dues

Within hours after some unknown congress guy claimed that Rajya Sabha seats were available for sale, top managers from the lending wing of State Bank of India met in Mumbai today to decide whether to move ahead with a controversial plan to auction Vijay Mallya’s Rajya Sabha seat.

Guess who?
It may be remembered that Congress MP from Haryana Birender Singh had made a sensational claim that berths in the Upper House were available for sale for Rs 100 crore. As soon as SBI’s top brass heard this news, it circulated a memo among its lending wing asking it to come up with a plan to recover 100-150 crores by auctioning Mallya’s seat to the highest bidder.

While other channels were grappling for evidence, Humor Unplugged spoke to a guy in the lending team who confirmed the move off the record. “Yes, the bank is interested in auctioning off the seat to bidders. Since SBI has the maximum exposure to the loan taken by Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines, we can move in first and auction anything belonging to him,” he said.

When we asked him as to what was happening with Mallya’s Goa bungalow, the guy simply said “One of our managers has moved into that Bungalow and it is now under his occupation. So technically it is with the SBI as of now”.

Other reactions on the 100 crore Rajya Sabha seat offer:
• Can they gift wrap it? I will buy one for my wifey: Mukesh Ambani
• Nope I didn’t pay that much for my seat: Vijay Mallya
• Just 100 crores? Damn! I paid 150; did you check on an online retail site: Random Rajya Sabha MP
• I want one for each one of my boys in the BCCI board: N Srinivasan (BCCIs president in exile)


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