Juvenile and immature Times of India is evaluating 'ugly' celeb kids

Times of India was never known to be a mature newspaper. From running a bogus peace program with Pakistan to questioning armed forces personal on their religious affinities while serving the nation, ToI has always displayed remarkable lack of sensitivity and maturity on issues of national and global significance. Today, Humor Unplugged was shocked to see Times of India's home page which had a distasteful and insensitive article (in the 'women' section) dedicated to 'ugly celebrity kids'. This is downright disgusting and juvenile even for a paper like Times of India run by folks bearing the IQ of a rusted nail. Check it out yourself and see how low a national newspaper can stoop..

The front page of the newspaper as on Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our appeal is to ensure that Times of India is made to apologize for this gaffe. No media outlet should get away with such a wanton display of stupidity.


Tia said…
Its the same paper which praises celebs for going under the knife! I hav as much respect and interest for TOI as i have for an earthworm!
Tia said…
Its the same paper which goes ga-ga over celebs doing botox and surgery on their lips,hair,chapals and drivers. Should be renamed BTOI- Bad Times Of India!
:) Earthworm is far more useful than Toi..thats for sure :)

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