Bangalore will host first ever international pothole festival

Its official! Bangalore will soon become the first city to host a festival dedicated exclusively to potholes. A state government official has confirmed that India’s IT capital will play host to the event tentatively scheduled to be held in August.

“I am happy and glad to announce that
No of potholes in Bangalore (Courtesy: The Hindu)
our city, our very own Bangalore, will soon be hosting the world’s first festival dedicated to potholes. I don’t think any other city deserves this honor and it is thanks to the hard work put in by many carefree ministers and incompetent bureaucrats over the years that our city has turned into the world’s pothole capital. In fact we have so many potholes that if we were to connect each one of them, Bangalore’s elevation above the mean sea level would go down by atleast 100 feet,” a beaming minister for Potholes and Artificial Pollination, P Puchappa said.

Sources say the government is planning to hold the event inside a huge pothole. 100 candidates have already been identified in the Central Business District itself. "The government is confident that it will be able to exploit the tourism potential offered by potholes and is planning to set up a separate body to do that on the lines of Jungle Lodges. Do not be surprised if you see some tourists residing inside a fully furnished pothole in Bangalore in the near future," a bureaucrat said.


indu chhibber said…
haha you do think of the craziest topics & give a masterpiece.
Tia said…
:)) I miss Blore even with the potholes. Good one poof. And welcome back !
Awesome write-man! :p I have heard so many of my friends crib about the bangalore road conditions.
I know..but apparently many cities out there are giving tough competition to Bangalore on this front, it seems

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