Infant called by cops for questioning after posing as Kim Kardashian’s baby North West

A toddler, a tiny little thing that had not even opened his eyes properly was summoned to Lost Hills Sheriff department near Kim’s home in Calabasas yesterday evening reports Humor Unplugged’s Hollywood correspondent. The baby was posing as North West and posting his pics on various internet forums, some of which were brought to the notice of Kim and Kanye by anxious relatives who were afraid the fake baby would run away with millions of dollars in exclusive pics.

The pic uploaded by the fake baby
Sheriff Lee Baca who was told about the case said that a complaint regarding impersonation and fraud  was filed by Kanye West on Monday morning. While investigating the case, the cops came across baby pics that were reportedly uploaded by a baby residing in Woodland hills. The baby is staying with a maid and the whereabouts of his parents are not known. It is also not known as to why the baby pretended to be North West on his social media profile.

“So far we do not know anything and do not wish to rule out anything and are investing all available leads and that’s pretty much all I can say at this point of time. We will be investigating further after raiding a doughnut joint nearby which we believe is the place the baby visited frequently. He may be having some accomplishes there. We have asked the baby to come to our precinct for questioning,” said Sheriff Baca said.

Sources say the baby may be part of a larger gang that operates in Los Angeles and specializes in posing as celebrity babies to hoodwink media and make a fast buck through royalty.  


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