IPL spotgate update: went with gripe water and pacifier says cop who arrested Sreesanth

Cops had anticipated huge trouble while arresting Indian pacer S Sreesanth. The team that went into take him into custody had to carry Lego toys, couple of pacifiers, gripe water and some towels.

I think we should worry more about the FEMA notice:
Shilpa Shetty's hubby
“As soon as we walked into his room,  he opened the door and was calm and composed initially. But when we told him that we have come to arrest him for cheating and criminal conspiracy related to the Indian Premier League matches, he broke down and started wailing at such a high pitch that a few flowerpots broke in the next room. The carpet down below went wet with his tears and the floor beyond that became slippery. That was followed by an attempt to dance by Sreesanth in order to confuse us. But we would have none of it. Few of us held him tightly, force fed him gripe water and closed his mouth with a pacifier, that’s when things went calm and we could take him away,” said a senior cop who was part of the team that arrested the pacer.

N Srinivasan’s marriage prospects unaffected 
After few newspapers reported that the arrests of Sreesanth and Ankeet Chavan have also put a question mark on their upcoming marriages, BCCI President N Srinivasan claimed that his marriage prospects were still intact. Speaking to press people at the Press Club in Chennai Srinivasan exuded confidence and claimed that his attempt at getting married for the 6th time is unharmed as his image is “as clean as Marina beach in summer”. He also claimed that he has been hurt and trying to cry like Sreeshanth, but the tears were not coming out.

Union cabinet meets in a hurry
The union cabinet met in a hurry at the Prime Minister’s residence early today morning to discuss the fall out of the spotfixing scandal. But the ministers dispersed in a hurry after consuming the perishable snacks as they realized that for a change the UPA was not connected to a national scam.


Saru Singhal said…
LOL! He is a baby for sure. Pacifier was the punch. :D
:D he hasnt stopped whining since he was born.. :)
:D he hasnt stopped whining since he was born.. :)

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