Nawaz Sharif’s victory in Pakistan elections is an inspiration: Madhuri Dixit

Pakistani politician Nawaz Sharif today declared victory in a historic election marred by violence and kite flying. This is been seen in some circles as a remarkable comeback for a leader once toppled in a military coup and sent into exile with a horrendous hairdo. Back home in India, come back queen and former actor Madhuri Dixit claimed that Nawaz Sharif’s victory shows that one can make an effective come back, anytime.

In an exclusive interview with Humor Unplugged, the dhak-dhak granny said that she was now more determined to make her 478th attempt at making a comeback in Bollywood. “I agree I have not been successful in returning to the form I was in, before I left Bollywood, but now I am more determined than ever to return to business and this time nothing, including bad scripts, lackluster direction or my own desperation to get back to Bollywood can stop me. I will be inspired by everything including the return of Sharif. The last time he was PM of Pakistan, I was ruling bollywood,” she said.  

It may be remembered that Dixit has made innumerable attempts to return to Bollywood. Her attempts have infact gained her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for logging the maximum number of comeback attempts. The Indian government had at one  point mulled a reservation for her finally get her into Bollywood. The plan fell through as the coal scam broke out around that time and the government had to deploy all its resources to curtail the fall out and issue over 700 clean chits.


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