Chinese man travelling with a tent detained at IGI, grilled by Arnab

A Chinese guy going by the name Kong Bi Rong was detained by Indian security agencies at Terminal 3 of IGI when he was found to be carrying a tent on his person.

Rong arrived in New Delhi by Air China’s 6 am flight today morning but was detained as he was found to be acting suspiciously. He was then taken aside and interrogated while cops went through his belongings and were shocked to find a collapsible tent. It may be remembered that Chinese PLA had used tents to stay on in Indian territory in Ladakh till a few days back.  That incident is still ripe in the memory of Indian security establishment which didn’t want to take any chances.

 “Any Chinese guy carrying a tent with him will be detained. What if the fellow pitches the tent in the airport and refuses to vacate till India dismantles more bunkers across the LAC? I cannot trust these folks and so we seized his tent and he has been handed over to these Chinese consulate in New Delhi after a thorough inquiry. We got Times Now’s Arnab Goswami to grill him with over 500 questions and he did a good job and we were able to extract some answers to why this man was here,” said a senior RAW sleuth who handled the episode.

Rong was also carrying a empty red colored banner with him.


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