Rahul Gandhi to spend few days in Chinese occupied Indian territory

Continuing his spate of night outs in various places, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi today decided to spend a few days and nights inside Indian territory currently under Chinese occupation. The moves comes in wake of Chinese troops intruding deep into Indian territory in Daulat a Bagh in Ladakh leading to a standoff between the armies of the two nations. The Indian government hopes that this move will put pressure on Chinese PLA to reverse the intrusion and respect the sanctity of the Line of Actual Control.

Congressmen celebrating the decision by
Rahul Gandhi
“Yes, Rahul Gandhi has decided to set up a camp inside our areas falling under illegal Chinese occupation. He will be crossing the Line of Actual Control and setting up a temporary camp there. In case the Chinese occupation forces challenge him, our honourable Rahul baba is ready with another engaging ‘power is poison’ speech to keep the forces at bay. If they still don’t give up, Rahul baba will give a three-hour speech on his vision for inclusive growth – so inclusive that it even includes aliens residing in planet X45 in Messier 31 galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda. That will have the Chinese retreat to their bases,” a source close to Rahul Gandhi said.

If Rahul Gandhi is unable to dislodge the Chinese, the UPA Government might considering sending Manish Tewari followed by Digvijay Singh, the source said.

The Indian government has welcomed the move. “Yes, this will help us build pressure on China. Rahul Gandhiji will be able to make the Chinese think a million times before crossing the LAC again. If he throws in a few speeches, Chinese may not just vacate the LAC, but they may give freedom to Tibet, currently under illegal Chinese occupation and run far away from the Himalays. We welcome the move and wish Rahulji all the best in this noble endeavour. If he succeeds in this mission, I will personally search for a bride for him,” V. Narayanasamy Minister of State in Prime Minister Office said in an exclusive interview to Humor Unplugged.    

The area being referred to is Indian territory illegally occupied by China after the 1962 Indo-China war. 


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