Lennovo Yoga faces fatwa in Malaysia; UK church bans it

Malaysia’s leading Islamic council has issued an edict prohibiting people from buying the screen flipping laptop tablet, fearing its reference to a Hindu classical system could corrupt them.

Malaysia’s National Fatwa Council yesterday issued an online fatwa banning the devices. “All pious followers should stay away from this device. Its name bears a clear reference to a Hindu form of exercise that we don’t like,” National Fatwa Council’s cave dwelling spokesperson said. When reminded that he was himself overweight and could do well with some exercise, the guy shot back and threatened to have a warranty-proof fatwa issued against our blog. “I might look like a beanbag but that doesn’t mean I need to do Yoga. I can always drink Slim tea or use the fat reduction cream to reduce my weight,” he said.  

Lennovo Yoga
Pakistan has already banned Lennovo Yoga. A bureaucrat in the ministry of IT there told Humor Unplugged that Lennovo has assured them that a halal version of the device minus its exciting features will be released by the manufacturer exclusively for Pakistani users. "Right now we are not just against the name Yoga but also the price. At the price Lennovo has quoted, only Zardari and his son can afford it. So we have asked them to reduce various features and bring down the price to Pakistan Rupees 140. Which means the device will be a high end slate and that's what we want," the bureaucrat said.

Southampton Church bans it too
St Edmund's Church in Southampton also banned entry of the device within its premises. “Yoga belongs to another religion. Anything that makes people connect with the Hindu spiritual exercise regime will be banned by us. In fact we have also banned Yogi bear on my premises. Anyone watching it will be subject to extreme punishment as decided by the church,” a father who didn’t wish to be named said.

Our repeated attempts to get an official response from Lennovo drew a blank.  


Saru Singhal said…
ROFL! But sorry, it's too late for me. I have bought it but never mind I am a hindu :D
wowwwwwwww good for you..maybe you can learn some poses from it :) congrats eitherway...the thing looks pretty sleek..
Saru Singhal said…
Yeah, it is. BTW, not mine, alok has it. Poses you can surely learn ;)
haha :D i keep stretching anyway..the truth that is ;)

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