Angry over Mulayam Singh’s statement, Pak summons Indian High Commissioner

Pakistan today strongly objected to SP boss Mulayam Singh calling China, India’s number one enemy. In a strongly worded statement, Pakistan condemned the statement stating that Pakistan was India’s oldest and number one enemy and Mulayam Singh was wrong in moving that tag away from India’s schizophrenic neighbor.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry in a statement said it had summoned India’s high commissioner to Islamabad to lodge a strong protest on the "unacceptable and unprovoked statement by an Indian leader on the Indo-Pakistan relationship". "Pakistan reasserts that it is India’s number one enemy and will always be so irrespective of what anyone says. We have done enough and more to deserve the tag and continue to invest our national resources, time and energy in retaining this tag, a spokesperson for the ministry said”

Pakistan called on the Indian government to investigate the statement and restrain Indian leaders from making statements “that injure Pakistan’s pride”. “One of our most cherished achievements is India’s number one enemy tag and we will not allow some loudmouth Indian minister to take that away. We want India to reassert the status of Pakistan as its top enemy,” the spokesperson added.

A source in the Indian External Affairs ministry pooh-poohed the statement and said that India doesn’t have a policy of naming its top enemies. “I think Pakistan should talk about becoming the number one enemy of a nation that is equal or even slightly bigger in stature than itself like for example Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan or even Nauru. These are the nations with whom Pakistan has a remote chance of winning in case a conflict breaks out,” the source said.


NiftyTips100 said…
Haha Hilarious ... Pak indeed has spent the last several decades to get this coveted honour and they'rnt going to lose it anytime soon :) :)
Thanks buddy..indeed..they wont lose it anytime soon..Really feel sad for what happened to Sarbjit Singh...what kind of a barbaric prehistoric big bang era nation would even think of perpetrating such an evil act...

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