101 year old Indian is the oldest bribe giver in the world

An unnamed senior citizen from Bangalore became the oldest man in the world to give a bribe. The man who didn’t want to be named was asked by the local water supply board to pay a bribe to fix a leaking pipeline near his house.

“Plenty of treated drinking water was flowing away from the leak that had sprung up outside my house on the road.  After repeated calls to the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, all I got was assurances from them. I waited for almost a month and then when things didn’t work out I walked in to their office and was told that I will have grease a few palms even though the pipe was located outside the premises of my house. I obliged because I didn’t want precious water to be wasted this way,” the senior citizen said.  

When told about the incident, Karnataka’s minister for water supply said “the money shouldn’t be considered as a bribe. It is merely a tip to ensure prompt service and we are glad that even 101 year olds in our state can afford to pay a bribe. The problem has been fixed and I have also ascertained that the bribe was split equally among employees at the local office and was not consumed by just one individual. I really appreciate the camaraderie among these folks such behaviour needs to be encouraged”

Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed that this man is indeed the oldest bribe giver in the world. The previous record was also held by an Indian.


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