Now Michael Clarke wants special status for Team Australia

Taking a leaf out of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s book, Australian cricket team’s captain Michael Clarke has asked the ICC to grant Australia a special status for the remainder of its India tour. The request was made via a mail sent to the ICC yesterday evening. Humor Unplugged was able to obtain a copy of the mail yesterday itself.

Is the Australian team cursed?
Saying that Australia’s India tour was a special case, Clarke stressed that with a little help from the ICC, Australia could salvage some pride before leaving Indian shores. “We have been battered, bruised and nothing seems to be going right for us at this juncture. A suitable intervention from your office will help my team recoup, reenergize and reinforce our reputation. We are not asking for much, we just want a special status from ICC which will ensure that the last match in the series ends in an honourable draw,” Clarke said.

Clarke wants ICC to force BCCI to agree to end the last match in the series in a draw so that Australia can leave with some pride. The special status request seems to be inspired by Nitish Kumar’s recent outburst asking for special status to be extended to his state soon. An Australian team source close to Clarke told us “this has nothing to do with any development in India. Skip (Clarke) has taken this decision purely on the need to further the interests of team Australia.”

Apology due?
Few years back, then Australian captain Ricky Ponting was criticised by many for pushing Sharad Pawar, the then BCCI president off the presentation dais. Now, a theory is gaining currency that this unsavoury behaviour must have caused some form of curse to originate and haunt the Australian team. Since the forgettable event happened in 2006, Australia has struggled to find form and win tournaments at the global level.

Sources tell us that the Australian cricket board is contemplating asking Ponting to issue an apology so that the curse is finished. “Pushing a mountain sized man off the dais must have caused some form of disturbance in the energy equilibrium out there and that is having a negative impact on our performance.  We need to settle this once and for all,” a Australian cricket board official said.


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