Italian marines to join Anupam Kher’s acting school

In a move designed to earn power-packed sympathy and escape conviction, Italian marines who are on trial for killing two Indian fishermen, have expressed a desire to join Bollywood. A source close to the two told Humor Unplugged that the marines want to join Anupam Kher’s acting school and then quickly act in a Mahesh Bhatt movie so that Bollywood denizens get into the act and start asking the relevant authorities to pardon the duo.

“They have filed an application form to join Anupam Kher’s school and in the days to come they will be acting in a movie. Bollywood folks have clearly told them (marines) to first
act in a movie and only then will Bollywood rally around them to get the governor/president to issue a pardon. So the marines are more than eager to get associated with Bollywood and the Italian government is also using its offices in India to get them to act soon,” the source said.

Trigger happy marines will be acting
Bollywood, it may be remembered, has been asking for a pardon for actor Sanjay Dutt, despite knowing fully well that Dutt was at fault here and needs to be treated as per the law of the land.
Bollywood sources have told your favourite blog that the marines will be doing a Mahesh Bhatt movie while attending Kher’s school. The Italian government has already agreed to fund the movie which sources say will be on Mahatma Gandhi with Emran Hashmi and Sunny Leone playing lead roles. The movie will be funded via a bogus software co that will be opening in Mohali shortly.

Bollywood biggies it seems asked the Italian government to ensure that the movie featuring marines will be based on Gandhi or will have some element of his teachings. Initially the Italian government approached over a dozen filmmakers but only Mahesh Bhatt was ready to do a movie in just 15 days; that too without a written script.

Jaya Bachchan and Amar Singh have indicated that they will meet all kinds of people to ensure that the marines get a pardon. “But first they have to show that they are part of Bollywood and have acted in atleast one Bollywood movie on Gandhi,” Amar Singh said. “ Justice Nutju also said something on similar lines before passing the joint he was smoking.


Ramya said…
ROFL :D hahaha!!! yeah right a movie on Gandhi to be pardoned for any crime done!! lol :D superb
:) thanks can get away with any crime if you are from bollywood and have done a movie on Gandhi...
Anonymous said…
Yeah!! Heights of stupidity by our so called dash ppl !!! ..BTW, well articulated as usual!
Thanks Pavitra..hypocrisy is in the genes of certain sections of society I guess..

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