Company faces flak over selling small data in the guise of big data

In an interesting development, cops today raided the home and offices of a big data analytics provider owner. The raid was conducted after several of his customers complained that they were cheated by Big XA corporation that was allegedly selling small data to them instead of big data as promised.

Investigations by Humor Unplugged revealed that Big XA had signed on contracts running into crores of Rupees to help amplify the data gathering capacity of several clients. As part of phase one of this project, Big XA was supposed to demonstrate processes by which its clients could gather huge volumes of data concerning their businesses from mundane sources. This data could then be segregated and distilled to extract information that would provide insights into cross sell and up sell opportunities, buying cycles, product use info etc.

"Data was shared with us by Big XA within weeks but, it was definitely not in volumes we had imagined. Big XA had put a tag on all recyclable cans manufactured by us to help understand what happens to them once our customers had disposed them after drinking our product. The data we obtained from Big XA indicated that over 70 percent of our cans were reused as pots in gardens in homes around Bangalore and another 5 percent ended up in Toulouse, France for reasons not known to us . Both these findings are false to the best of our knowledge," a Senior Process Manager at a soft drink major told us.

Big XA customer, the Bangalore Health Department found that over 45 percent of pets in the city were on social media. Another customer, a IT services company in the city discovered that over 70 percent of its employees had "inappropriate" relationships with colleagues and were violating the institutional work from home and attire codes. A major national news channel found that its lead editor in chief who flares up more often than ponytail amoeba Arindham Chaudhuri files a case was at the receiving end of merciless thrashing from his better half at home for asking over 56 questions each morning. A Big XA employee we spoke to, defended the data shared by Big XA.

"Instead of analysing the data the way we told them to, some of our customers analysed wrong segments of data and obtained irrelevant results. We cannot be blamed for that and we stand by our data gathering techniques," he said. Cops have recovered over 13 terra flops of data from Big XA and the data has been send to a government data lab for analysis.


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