Pak airforce grounded post Egyptian hot air balloon crash

Pakistan has grounded its entire air force consisting of over 70 hot air balloons, 29 gliders, 45 kites, 2 dracos and 32 roving pigeons after a hot balloon crashed in Egypt yesterday. The measure was a precautionary one and will soon be revoked, Pakistan air force sources said.

File pic: Pakistan Air Force hot air balloons take off from an
undisclosed air base in Pakistan
“All our hot air balloons will be inspected by hot air experts including Pakistani home minister Rehman Malik. In the meantime we will also run random checks on all other assets such as hand gliders and kites that we have. I triple guarantee  you that the operations of Pakistan air force are not affected and the security of our skies has not been compromised in any way due to this move. We have brought in gliders from China and kites from North Korea on a wet lease basis to fill the gap that has been created. As soon as all our machines are cleared for flying, our air force will be back in action,” Pak air force spokesperson Mullah Somar said.

As part of its press briefing template, he read out lines warning Indian Air Force not to indulge in any 'adventurism' while the PAF’s mainstay balloons were grounded. “We are more than capable of dealing with any situation. In case any Indian air craft violates our airspace, we will scramble faster than people outside a movie hall screening a Emran Hasmi movie and escape into Saudi Arabia,” Somar said.


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